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Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell us if you would like the dumpster placed on the RIGHT or LEFT side of the driveway facing the house. If you would like it on the street it will be your responsibility to get the correct permits pulled from the city.

Our pricing covers a period of up to 7 days. While we don’t provide discounts for shorter rentals, we do offer transparent pricing, driveway protection, and prompt delivery and pickup for your convenience.

Certainly, we are able to transport yard waste, but it must be placed in a dedicated container solely for yard waste. 

Certainly, for more compact projects, such as those involving concrete and bricks, it’s important to note that their considerable weight can rapidly exceed load limits.

Our dumpsters are equipped with a large barn door oriented towards your home, facilitating easy walk-in loading. Additionally, items can be thrown in from the sides, as the side walls are as low as 4 feet.

Take advantage of our same-day delivery service within our designated service area. Call us now at 913-240-1305 to secure your dumpster reservation today!

Explore our range of dumpster sizes by giving us a call today. We’ll gladly discuss and help you determine the right dumpster size for your project.

Your dumpster rental can be reserved for any period of time.

Ensure that all items are either level with or below the top edge of the dumpster. You’ll notice designated “do not overfill” lines on the dumpster, as it is essential for safe transportation on the highway.

Items *prohibited* in the dumpster:

– Propane Tanks
– Paint or paint cans
– Solvents of any kind
– Toxic or Hazardous Materials
– Infectious Waste
– Radioactive waste
– Car Batteries
– Automobile tires
– Chemicals, including:
– Freon
– Oil cans or drums
– Highly Flammable liquids or materials
– Bio-medical waste
– Liquids of any kind

A $50 item fee will be incurred if any of these prohibited items are found in the dumpster!!