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Dumpster Rental Services

Why rent our dumpsters?

Our dumpster rental services stand out as an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications, making them exceptionally versatile for various needs. In construction projects, these dumpsters are invaluable for efficiently managing construction debris, ensuring a clean and organized work environment. For household debris, furniture, and medium to large home cleanout jobs, Our dumpsters offer ample capacity, facilitating the removal of a wide array of items with ease. In instances of flood or fire restoration, these dumpsters provide a reliable solution for disposing of damaged materials and debris. Additionally, during spring cleaning or fall cleanouts, Leavcor Dumpsters prove instrumental in efficiently handling the accumulated waste. Their adaptable design is particularly beneficial for situations with limited space, such as small driveways, ensuring accessibility without compromising on capacity. Moreover, for estate sale auctions, Leavcor Dumpsters offer a convenient and reliable means to manage the disposal of various items, supporting a seamless and organized process for both sellers and buyers alike.

Great For

  • Construction
  • Household Debris
  • Furniture
  • Medium to large home cleanout jobs
  • Flood / Fire Restoration
  • Spring Cleaning or Fall Cleanout
  • Small Driveways
  • Estate Sale Auctions

Leavcor Dumpster provides a convenient and efficient dumpster rental service with three size options to suit your specific needs. The first option is the 15-yard dumpster. This versatile container offers ample capacity for your disposal requirements, ensuring you have the necessary space for a variety of items. The 15-yard dumpster comes with a 2-ton capacity for one week at $350, and a 3-day rental option is available at $325.

The 20-yard dumpster is another cost-effective choice. Despite being slightly larger, it remains a practical solution for waste disposal, offering versatility for projects of various scales. This spacious container comes with a generous 3-ton capacity, allowing ample room for your debris while maintaining a weight limit of 5 tons. The 20-yard dumpster is available for one week at $380, and a 3-day rental option is available at $355.

Additionally, we now introduce the 30-yard dumpster, providing even more capacity for larger projects. This option is ideal for substantial waste disposal needs, accommodating significant volumes of debris. Like the 20-yard dumpster, the 30-yard option comes with a 3-ton capacity and maintains a weight limit of 3 tons. The 30-yard dumpster is available for one week at $430, and a 3-day rental option is available at $410.

Our standard rental duration is one week, allowing you the flexibility to complete your project without feeling rushed. Extended rentals are also an option, and we offer a 3-day rental period for those projects that require a shorter timeframe. To facilitate seamless transactions, we accept card payments, with a 3.5% surcharge applied to such transactions. Other fees may apply depending on your location.

Dumpster sizes:

20 Yard

7.5' W x 16' L x 5.8' H

6-8 Pickup Loads

$380 / week

If you’re uncertain about your requirements, the 20-yard dumpster is ideal for extensive clean-ups and remodeling projects. This size conveniently fits in a single-car space without occupying your driveway.


30 Yard

7.5' W x 21’ L X 6’ H

8-10 Pickup Loads

$430 / week

For sizable projects requiring substantial waste disposal, choose the 30-yard dumpster. Ideal for major construction and thorough clean-ups, it offers ample space without sacrificing convenience. Despite its generous capacity, the 30-yard dumpster is designed to fit neatly within your property’s limits.

15 Yard

7.5' W x 15' L x 4' H

5-7 Pickup Loads

$350 / week

Our premier rental option is the 15-yard dumpster, perfect for clean-ups and remodels. This size conveniently accommodates a one-car space and won’t occupy your driveway.